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Laboratory Cleanroom Facility

Laboratory Cleanroom Facility achieves $1.1M in annual energy savings and 3,200 Mtons of Carbon Reduction utilizing Analytika.

The LCF is a 130,000 square foot state-of-the-artnanotechnology research facility that houses class-10, class-100, and class-1,000 cleanrooms, offices.

Set to accomplish

The Objective

The main objectives of this Analytika program were to achieve energy cost reduction, reduce carbon emissions, improve efficiency, increase reliability, support compliance reporting, enhance preventative maintenance, prioritize O&M efforts, and improve comfort while maintaining environmental safety ventilation requirements


Results Achieved

• Realized $1,093,448 Dollars in Energy Savings
• Saved 3,200 Metric Trons of CO2
• 24 energy-savings issues identified
• 516 issues identified total
• 1,407,258 kWh saved

Other operational benefits

• 20,015 MMBTU of steam saved taking almost 1,500 cars off the road.
• 15,443 MMBTU of Chilled Water saved
• Central Plant Load Capacity Improvement