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In-depth Fault Detection at your fingertips

Analytika provides you with continuous analysis of building system data, insightful, actionable results via our online portal, and the hands-on support of an industry expert who acts as your personal advisor. Analytika allows you to pinpoint system anomalies before they result in mechanical failures, it reveals opportunities for meaningful, cost-effective improvements, and even models your building system to pre-test changes and improvements before the work is scheduled. When you do make improvements, your advisor will help guide the process and ensure the success and quality of the Buildings Systems Expert Support.

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Our Mission

Cimetrics’ mission is to globally impact business and the environment by providing superior technology and services to facility owners allowing them to operate and manage the built environment more efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

Our History

Cimetrics’ journey began with providing industry leading 3rd party BACnet protocol stack, networking and metering products. In the mid-90s, Cimetrics launched Analytika, fault detection and diagnostic technology and services targeting commercial and industrial building owners and providing value propositions in energy savings, sustainability, tenant comfort and regulatory compliance.

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Most common question about our services

What kind of equipment can Analytika analyze??

Analytika focuses on HVAC, metering, lighting, and process equipment as these are the biggest energy consumers. However, Analytika can connect and analyze a wide variety of equipment outside of the normal focus.

How much does Analytika cost??

Pricing is based on size and complexity of the monitored facility. For an accurate cost estimate, please contact us or fill out our ``Get A Quote`` form on our website under ``services``.

What kind of data is needed for analysis??

Analytika typically connects to a Building Management System to gather raw data values, however Analytika can speak any open protocol language. We're experts on working with Teams to gather data, please reach out to us for any specific questions.

Team Members

Meet our professional and expert team members

Jim Lee
Founder & CEO
Jim F. Butler
Chief Technology Officer
Tim Griffin
Vice President of Analytika
Dr. Paul Rensing
Senior Software Developer
Dean Taylor
Director of Analytics
Jeremiah Siska
Analytika Associate
Svetlana Lyons
Project/Product Manager
Robert Veelenturf, P.E.
Principal Mechanical Engineer & Software Engineer
John McCarthy, PE
Senior Analyst